DJ Bill McCay

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It’s been said a million times, “Music Makes the Party”. As a DJ, my goal is to connect with your guests with the music. All music is selected In The Moment and skillfully mixed to keep the vibe of the event at it’s most appropriate level.

My musical library covers a Century’s Worth of Music, knowing which song to play - at the right time is where the magic is created.


I prefer a Less is More approach when acting as an Emcee “Master of Ceremonies”. Most times, I take on this role when Formally Introducing a bridal party or during Corporate Events. However, there are other times when the right words need to be said.


Creating the right mood for the dance floor or enhancing the aesthetic of the venue can achieved with our lighting packages. Whether it’s a tasteful wash of color or a custom designed monogram that is projected on to the dance floor - we can handle it.

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